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11/18/2011Today's Hours
I just noticed I haven't put up a update in more than a year, I can't believe it, the plane has over 550 hours on it. It has carried me from coast to coast and has turned out to be much more fun than I imagined when I was daydreaming about flying while building. Shortly after Labor Day I and the "West Coast Ravens" a formation team I fly with were asked to be part of a episode of the Discovery Channel show "MYTHBUSTERS". We took 10 airplanes up to Tracy California and did 5 1/2 hours of flying and filming over two days with the show's actors Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci. I had Tory in my plane for the whole two days while we tested the myth of flying in a Vee. The show airs on November 30th at 9:00 pm on the Discovery Channel.
Here is a shot of the actors and I before the filming.
We had a lot of cameras stuck everywhere, most of them were the little "record to a chip" Cameras like the Go Pro cameras. Here the second AC is attaching a camera to my wingtip.
My friend Tim "SLICK" Cone got the Logo from the show and had a stick-on vinyl decal made for the show.
Here is a shot of Tory and I in the cockpit getting ready to go fly!
If you look closely you can see the Camera they attached to my Dashboard with a couple of mondo suction cups.
And here is a shot of the team minus a couple of pilots (Ken "KK" krueger and Joe "Shady" Blank) from Vans aircraft who had to start back soon after wrapping for the day to beat the weather that was getting worse in the Northwest.
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